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Residential Refinance and Switch Mortgages

You should be the one to benefit from getting a mortgage. We are here to help you do that, quickly and affordably!

We have heard that mortgage processing times at Canada's two major mortgage closing centers have stretched to unmanageable levels, especially on remote signings.  We are currently offering pricing on par with those closing centers on standard refinance and switch mortgages as below:

  • Standard Switch Mortgage: $394.00

  • Collateral Transfer: $568 plus GST and $1.50 per $5000 of mortgage amount

  • Standard Refinance: $598 plus GST and $1.50 per $5000 of mortgage amount

The prices above include the remote signing fee, all regular searches, couriers, etc.  We guarantee a 5 day turnaround from receipt of mortgage instructions to closing.  

We are able to close any transaction where the property being mortgaged is in Alberta until remote signing isn't an option.  Regardless of where the client is physically located we can meet with them through a two way web conference.  No in person meeting necessary. 

For those of you that don't know us we are a very polished, well established law firm that does thousands of mortgage transactions per year.  We are second to none in client experience and you will feel this directly on any files you forward to us.  

If you have clients that would be well served by this please pass our information along to them.  If you have colleagues that would be well served by this, especially if they are in another city and may not hear about this otherwise, please forward this info to them.  Our product sheet summarizing our offer is below.

Mortgage Product Sheet