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Wills & Estate Planning

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Why you need a Will

  • To have a choice over who receives your assets when you pass.

  • To give direction over who you want raising your kids if you’re gone.

  • To avoid leaving unnecessary stress for your loved ones.

  • To create a testamentary trust for beneficiaries who are minors. 

What we do extra

  • Help you structure your estate to avoid unnecessary paperwork, court applications, government intervention and delays in your estate.

  • Educate you on the pros and cons of naming certain individuals over others.

  • Make you aware of situations which may result in unnecessary taxation or liabilities. 

  • Educate you on the bond requirements and how you may be able to avoid them. 

  • Assist you in making choices to avoid inadvertently causing your Will to be challenged in court or litigated.

  • Provide you with a capacity assessment so you have evidence of your ability to draft the Will.

  • Draft your Will in such a way that you do not have to change it every time something in your life changes (i.e. birth of another child).

The Will is just the beginning…

By obtaining a Personal Directive and a Power of Attorney you will save your loved ones a frustrating and costly trip to court if you were to lose mental capacity.

Other Documents

The Will is just one document in what should be an arsenal of documents that make up your estate plan. We will help you determine which additional documents are necessary for your circumstances. 

2 documents we always recommend are the:

  • Personal Directive; and

  • Enduring Power of Attorney.

These two documents are for situations where you have lost mental capacity. 

You need both because one is for personal decisions, including health care decisions on end of life interventions and surgeries, and the other is for financial decisions including financial signing authority at the bank, land titles, or with a credit card. If you are in a coma or have lost mental capacity, you need someone who can make these decisions for you. Without them, you and your family may face significant obstacles to access money or make the right decisions.

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